Northwind Technological and Statistical Consult is the first private statistical consultancy in the Northern Regions to provide statistics and Research Service to both coorporate bodies and individuals.
The Regional Statistical Service under the Ghana Statistical service is the largest provider of statistic's in most parts of the country including the Northern Regions.
Obviously information collected is only that which concerns government, besides, the statistical service relies on inexperienced or less knowledgeable people in the field of statistics and research to collect data from which information is drawn. But this information is usually either generalized (not specific to user needs) or very late in dissemination hence the need for adequate, organized, reliable and specific information that meets user needs.
NORTSCON is also your number one Statistics and Research stop because, it has very experienced, prominent and highly intellectual persons like Prof. Nicholas N.N. Nsowah Nuamah a professor in Applied Statistics, A senior Consultant and a former government Statistician as technical advisor to the company.

The company would among others provide the following services under Statistics and Research.
• Plan, Design and Conduct Surveys for Small Businesses, NGO's, Schools and Individuals.
• Do Data Entry Jobs for organizations and individuals.
• Organize Trainings for NGO's and other bodies on Data Collection Techniques and Analysis.
• Do Data Analysis for organizations and individuals doing research
• Provide technical advice on conducting researches and surveys.
• The company would also on its own accounts conduct and sell survey results to users of specific information’s needs. e.g Crime, Entrepreneurs, Schools, Potential business ventures etc.

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